WanMor is a talented youth band consisting of four amazing brothers from the South Jersey area. They have a refreshing soulful pop sound, reminiscent of classic groups like The Jackson 5, New Edition, and Boyz II Men, that merges the old with the new. Their style reflects the wealth of timeless music that surrounds them on a daily basis.“WanMor” is derived from their father’s name, Wanyá Morris. WanMor is: Wanyá II (“Big Boy”), Wanyá III (“Chulo”), Wanyá IV (“Tyvas”), and Wanyá V (“Rocco”). These four young men are part of a musically-inclined family that shares a love and passion for singing.


WanMor is hard at work, refining their voices and recording amazing original music with great songwriters and producers. WanMor has been featured alongside new artists and well-established acts on some of the biggest stages in America, including Disney, Nickelodeon, America’s Got Talent, and at many more venues and events around the country. In addition to preparing for their upcoming releases, WanMor is filming and videotaping a number of projects. WanMor invites you to join them on their amazing journey as they spread joy sharing their music around the world.

Photo: Evangelyn Diaz




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